Hand machined mechanical pencils


Why don't you check out my CV, which explains pretty much everything you'd want to know.

I have my own company called IJ Instruments Ltd. to sell a temperature controller I've designed - please check it out at www.eyejayinstruments.com.

I did my undergraduate degree in Physics at Strathclyde University, and a PhD in Luminescent Solar Concentrators at Heriot-Watt University.

PhD Thesis - "Luminescent Solar Concentrators: A Study of Optical Properties, Re-absorption and Device Optimisation" (14MB PDF)

PhD publications (3MB ZIP)

Email me

I'm happy to answer any quick questions you might have about the projects described on this site, but please be aware that I can't give you in-depth help on how to complete a particular project. If you're looking for assistance from start to finish for building your multi-zigawatt induction heater, or any other complicated project, then I'm afraid I really can't help - I just don't have the time!

Secondly, if you are seeking advice on anything at all related to fringe science/overunity/cold fusion - such as HHO, Stanley Meyer, Mizuno, Rodin coils, Vortex mathematics, Daniel Nunez, or any other crackpots - please go away right now. I have zero patience for people who believe that stuff. Which naturally means I must be a minion of the powerful oil companies, intent on suppressing all possible sources of alternative power. You can believe that if you like - I don't care.

So, if you're a normal person, here's my email: lindsay@imajeenyus.com

In the press

Here's various articles where my own work has been mentioned on other sites:

A word about the site

I had three things in mind when I was designing this version (v7!) of the site. One, it should be as simple as possible to update. Two, it should be easy to view and navigate. Three, it should print correctly (how many sites have you seen where the text cuts off at the right-hand side of the paper?). I hope I've achieved this successfully. I have avoided any use of Javascript in the site, and have made use of SSI and CSS on all the pages. The top logo/navbar and bottom "Page last updated" bit are both included with SSI, and CSS defines the styles for all links, paragraphs, thumbnails etc. on all the pages.

On a more techie note, although this site should be viewable in all major modern browsers, I would highly suggest Firefox. All of the HTML pages are written in the UTF-8 character encoding, so if you have problems viewing pages, please check that your character encoding is set correctly in the browser (in Firefox, View → Character Encoding).

The site was designed in a combination of Dreamweaver and Fireworks. I have to admit that I only use Dreamweaver as a text-based editor, but I find the site management tools extremely useful (link tracking, instant FTP upload, code completion). To generate and process thumbnail images, I use IrfanView - it is an amazingly versatile program.

The font for the main "imajeenyus" logo used to be Papyrus - you can download it here.

Over time, you might notice that the categorisation of some pages become a little odd. It's impossible to place everything in an exact category - most stuff will involve a little of several different things. The main thing is that the page or article is there, somewhere - I'll leave it up to you to find it!